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In July,HA WAH Technology Electronic Co., Ltd.participated in the Brazil Global Electronic Consumer Fair

       In July 2016,Brazil global consumer electronics exhibition held in St Paul, the show brings together industry and the size of the retail brand, from home and abroad. More than and 230 companies participated in the exhibition, the 1000 brands more than 10000 kinds of products in 36000 square meters exhibition center, attracted 33000 professional audience (the audience access analysis stores and retail stores, supermarkets, hypermarkets, department stores, wholesalers, distributors, importers, exporters and Home Furnishing center, electronic components industry). According to statistics, in the exhibition enterprises reached 400, 40000 people in the audience. 

      Huaxia Group subsidiary articles "Chigs Limited", "GEOTEL" brand in Brazil to participate in the global large-scale exhibition, by the large number of electronic enthusiasts favor. Participate in the exhibition of products are: three mobile phone, intelligent mobile phone, mobile phone function, ultra-thin, charging treasure mobile phone etc. 

       With the development of the global Internet and consumer electronics, we will keep up with the trend of the times, to create more high-quality products so that consumers are satisfied with the trust, our belief is that science and technology enjoy life---enjoy life.

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